Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Totally For U Lady..!

Any plan for summer? I’ll say nothing’s better than have a nice good than by sunbathing on the beach for this time of the year. We really need some good summer vacation these days.

And girls, you can’t believe what I just read couple of days ago. Remember when you use to go drag bunch of your girlfriends around just to buy some piece of clothing? Yeah, yeah…we know you need opinions and all that. And guess what? There’s actually an online store that GIVES you suggestion before you buy things. I mean, you actually learn to be a smart shopper, well at least that’s what I did when I checked this Shopwiki Women Swimsuits.

Take the swimsuits for example, they give you list of simple yet make-sense information on things you wanna consider before you start buying. Like the type of printing, style, material, brands and even body type(!). You can choose from designers such as Victoria’s Secret, Ralph Lauren or brands of Speedo or Nike etc.

What’s more? This shopping site got a completely various women’s seasonal style guides, from Summer, Autumn, Winter till Spring. That’s a whole year of guide…!.

So gals, you might wanna check this site first, before you decide to yank your friends out to shop, cos what’s unbelieveably irresistible for you girls, I know, is that chance of being in AS MANY SHOP in AS LITTLE TIME as possible. And what can be better than comfortably sitting in your couch, in front of your monitor and browsing the so many good and savvy deals from more than 30.000 (yes, thirty thousand!) stores they have in this one site.


  1. Anne! said...
    hey kak, i'm back loh..
    sejak kapan kak jadi peduli soal fashion? hahaha
    jUnE0u said...
    ANneeee..pa Kbr lo?
    well ni kan paid Review,jd mnding lo laen kali komen yg gw posting bhs indo aj, klo yg nulis in English brrti kerjaan gw di dunia Maya..hihihiiiy

    Anne! said...
    ahahahahy wokewoke... selow aja dah kita... btw, sering2 komen di blog gue juga yah kak... hihihi
    vaya said...

    ada award lagii buadd kamuh..

    ambil ya..

    kerjain ya..

    rasakan ya..

    si yu ya..
    日月神教-任我行 said...
    蛋餅不加蔥Amber said...

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