Tuesday, February 17, 2009


As you all know GemiNErs, I’ve just moved to a new office. Well, in case you haven’t know, I did, moved to a new office. Thank God the online connection is reliable and secure, so you know, I can catch you guys here…;p

Talking bout reliable and secure connection, I’ll say nothing’s better than to choose those good ol’ brands for server such as Dell, IBM or HP. And Cisco, of course, for the network-security what’s even better, they sell refurbished ones these days. So if you like, wanna set up your own bussineses or office’s networking, and you might want it to cost less, they could give you the solution, because they can customize with your need.

So far, things running pretty well, here in my new office, hope I can catch up with you guys more often. Lemme me know when you guys actually set up your own office, so uh… we can talk business, hahahaa :D.


  1. Susy Ella said...
    juneou......pindah kerja dimana???
    friendsista said...
    thx very much for ur coming.. datang kemana? datang ke blog maksud saya.. euy.. euy curhat dong...

    curhat segala bahasa bisa diterima di sini
    jUnE0u said...
    *susy ella:loh gk bc postingan yg lama ya? hiikss..
    *friensista:iya gw mo curhat beneran nihh..

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