Saturday, January 31, 2009


The day after tomorrow you will get a salary, so if you have planning to buy a few things. I am suggested you try shopping online with Extrabux. But first you must have an account with joined as member Extrabux. Don’t worry GemiNErs, It’s free! all you need is an email address to get started.

FYI, they offer payments via check, Credit Card and PayPal account.

You can get cash back rebates by shopping online with Extrabux up to 30% at over 800 stores. Of course it will makes save your money. And more you shop, more you can earn money!. Because you getting money when spending it at Extrabux!.

Wew..It’s quite interesting right?.

With Extrabux you can simply comparison shopping, because you can found the most popular stores, you just sort the list by Store Name and Cash Back. You can also use your coupons for discounts, deals and even bargains GemiNErs!. Believe me it’s really online shopping deals if you through Extrabux now!.

So, if you are already got salary what are you waiting for? Visit today!


  1. Benazio R.P said...
    extrabux ? hmmmm langsung liat deh, belom pernah nih beli online :D
    Susy Ella said...
    SEDONA said...
    Thanks for sharing the information..

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