Saturday, January 24, 2009


Tired with the old version social network site like Friendster, Tagged, Perfspot or Facebook GemiNErs?. Why don’t you tried Acobay?. Because Acobay is a brand new site with original concepts and unique social network site better than others.

Believe me GemiNErs, you gonna love this site with through website. This site might be the hottest social network site for 2009.

By using Acobay you can share your ’stuff’ with your friends and get connected with each other by the cars they drive, gadgets they used, toys they collected, places they visited, cell phones they haved, movies or music they love, books they reads, games they played, etc.

Then you can interact with people of same interest and get personalized recommendation. Also check your Stuff Map for grab more category stuff.

I am so excited with this site GemiNErs..

Hurry up visit the site today and get more friends with the same interest like yours!.

But also don’t forget to adding my account okay?!.


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