Thursday, November 13, 2008


Yeah yeahh..finally i've got an award is from Ms.Pink, weEw..thank you so much iam really truly happy if my blog was one of the coolest blog that you ever knew..hahahhaaahaHahHHHA
*ketawa narsis mode on gak pake off*

This is my 2nd award and both of them are i've got on this november, awesome huh?

Okay..there is no rules for this award, but i thought it should be gift too for Geminers yeah?
And iam prefered Six Geminers who's got lucky for this award.. Here they are:

  1. Eunice
  2. Synna
  3. Lisz
  4. Dee
  5. Lynn
  6. Ira
Congratz Geminers.. hope you'd can forward this award to another bloggers that u think they have the coolest blog!


  1. puteri junjung buih said...
    award baru nihhhh...

    horeeeee...coolest blog i ever know...
    Sha8 said...
    waawww. keyeeen :DDD congratz yaaaaa ;DDDD
    Lisz said...
    thx banget yah ^^
    Anonymous said...
    selamat y..selamat... :) hidup blogger
    Lyla said...
    selamat ya dapet award... semoga tambah semangat ngeblognya...

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