Saturday, November 8, 2008

Thx to Bebe who’s tag me before..well, I love six actually cuz I was born in June 6th.. xoxo, so I really excited & appreciate for this tag.. .

I also tag my friends too [Read as Geminers], just because there’s no limit so I tagged all Geminers like Achie, Andini, Anne, Anung, Atalya, Beybex, Dee, Delia, Ewink, Hera, Ibu Ira, Iend, Ikeys, Ira, Lisz, Grandma, Lyla, Lynn, Rosilie, Sandi, Sarah, Suryo, Tannya, Tha, & last but not least Wida.. . wuaHaHaHHaHaHHHA !!

6 random things about me are:

1. Iam a songwriter

2. Announcer at dBs Radio 101.9 FM, the no.1 Hits Music Station in Banjarmasin

3. Banker at PT. Bank Mega, Tbk

4. Iam a RockStar wanna be!

5. Sensitive dude

6. Moody

6 random things I like are:

1. Music is must!

2. Gadgets

3. Piercing

4. Cooking

5. PS or PSP [war & race games mostly]

6. Warm Hug & Kiss.. [^.* Honeeeeey, where the hell are you been?]

6 random things I don’t like are:

1. Super Extra Ordinary Gurl

2. Bossy

3. My nose

4. My weight..[iam so thin..aaarrgghh]

5. No one respect for anything I’ve done

6. Acne… uuuuuhhHH

6 quirky things about me are:

1. If I wanna go bed, it must be naked

2. Workaholic

3. Sometimes can be a horrible possessive person with a gurl that I love the most

4. Jerky

5. Weirdo

6. Being alone is more comfortable

6 things that makes me happy:

1. All new stuff that i have[music, games, gadget, ride, shoes, shirt, perfume, etc]

2. Being in love

3. Shopping

4. Salary

5. Holiday

6. Got a comment on my blog.. lol


  1. doubleyouaidiei said...

    eh ini gimana sih maksutnya gangerti deh hehe
    Anne! said...
    huuahh. aku kenaaa.. dasal ah kak jun.. nambah pr ajah. hehehe. thx any way kak :D
    Tha..^^ said...
    wah Tha dapet tag
    ok de ntar dikerjain :)
    liecha said...
    hi..met kenal

    aku baru belajar bikin blog, tukeran link yuk...
    Anung said...
    Finally done.. wakakak.. maap kelupaan saking lamanya hahaha

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