Sunday, November 9, 2008

iPod ooH iPod…

Iam so obsesses about this gadget..iPod ooh iPod! So I re-post it again, heheheuheu…Just because not only iPod from Apple products is the most popular MP3 player on the market but also I was found a Great Online Shop others. Through this Shop, you will got a huge information iPods buying guide easily and it’s totally complete fellas. From iPod history, details product, accessories, related products, video reviews until external links.

Apple's current lineup includes: the iPod Classic, iPod nano, iPod Shuffle and iPod Touch.
Here the pictures that I grab from the Apple site a couple hour ago.. ;p

the oldskool iPod classic

the best seller iPod nano

the cheaper iPod Shuffle

my Obsession iPod Touch

Unfortunately I didn’t have a lots money to buy it..hiiks, what about you Geminers? If u want iPod and wanna help for people in Africa you should visit the shop today! ‘cause Apple will donate $10 from each purchase their products to the Global Fund to fight AIDS in Africa. Salute..!!

BTW, back to the Shop.. at here we can also winning an iPod nano, wanna tried some lucky like me either huh? just Click here.

But like usually u must login or register first, ooh come on Geminers it’s not a big deal for a big prizes did you? simply click on register at the top of this page.

More than 255.479.937 products from every store at this Great Online Shop, so u can easily found anything u need here. Happy shopping Geminers!!


  1. Anonymous said...
    huh.. komen ku gak nyampe ya ? moga dapet i-pod na bro ! gw doa'in deh..Amin
    Lisz said...
    duh, jadi ngiler..
    gw lom punya ipod nih.. T.T
    abis gak ada duit, di tmbah lagi memory HP gw uda 2gb, jadi mp3 gw di sana semua.
    Eunice said...
    aku jg pengin punya iPod baru penginnya yang plg baru itu low....yang ada feature genius playlist...=)
    Mira Maulia said...
    I think I don't realy need an Ipod.. heheheh.
    but I want one! aaaahhh....
    Lomba-Lomba said...
    Awal 2010 ada info menarik nih. Vk bagi-bagi
    20 ipod gratis buat orang-orang Indonesia. gak pake diundi...! langsung dikirim ke alamat rumah kamu.
    Baca infonya di sini dan daftar cepetan di


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